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Most TrustedQuran Pak Online Academy (QPOA) is the most trusted name in Quran teachings where your kids can learn to read Quran online with Tajweed with the convenience at your home. Reading Quran has never been abroad so easy as it is now with the latest technology and softwares of online teaching. QPOA provides an excellent opportunity for online Quran reading with Tajweed and even with Translation.


The purpose of building Quran Pak Online Academy is to provide quality Quran teachings and services of Holy Quran reading, recitation and understanding through our skilled, professional and experienced Quran tutors to the kids & adults living abroad along with Islamic education so that every Muslim living abroad shall learn the proper Quran reading with Tajweed as well as the basic teachings of Islam.

Reading Quran-Al-Karim

People living abroad especially to the non Muslim states can’t find best and qualified Quran tutors easily and it is next to impossible for them to manage some time to pick & drop their kids at Islamic Centre for Quran learning but now with the help of internet technology and latest softwares, they or their kids can learn to read Quran online by sitting at their homes with their suitable time.

Quran Pak Online Academy provides a facility of teaching Quran round the clock. You can try our 1 WEEK FREE TRIAL without any obligation to evaluate our online Quran Teaching Services. Once you get satisfied, you can continue to read Quran online with us. We offer both male and female tutors.

To start online Quran reading classes, you need a Laptop/Desktop alongwith a high speed broadband internet connection, a computer headphone or a set of speakers & mic, and installation of 2 easy to install softwares. This is all you need to learn to read Quran online at home.

Why join QPOA?First Choice

Quran Pak Online Academy is the First Choice for every Quran learner beacause…

  • QPOA is a leading International online Quran Academy.
  • Free 1 Week Trial for your complete satisfaction.
  • Affordable that conveniently suits your pocket.
  • Weekly progress report is sent so that you can keep track of your child’s learning.
  • Learn Quran online from the comfort of your home.
  • Flexible class timings let you schedule according to your convenience.
  • Single teacher dedicated to every student.
  • Our Qaris, Hafiz and Aalims are highly gifted in their field of Quran teaching.
  • Professional and Qualified Quran tutors are well versed with the process of online Quran teaching.
  • QPOA is professionally managed by a team with expertise and in-depth experience in Islamic Education.


Class Duration


2 days a week

30 min class

$25 per month

3 days a week

30 min class

$35 per month

5 days a week

30 min class

$45 per month

Sat-Sun a week

30 min class

$25 per month

Sat-Sun a week

45 min class

$35 per month